Creating Private Wiki by mkdocs + GitLab CI + Heroku

I was looking for private wiki written by Markdown. This post introduces how to create a private wiki by mkdocs + GitLab CI + Heroku.


mkdocs is simple document builder from markdown to html. Used theme is material.


site_name: Notebook
  name: 'material'
  language: 'ja'
    language: 'ja'

GitLab CI

Putting a config file .gitlab-ci.yaml in root path on git repository.


  image: python:3.7-alpine
  stage: build
    - pip install -r requirements.txt
    - mkdocs build
    # test
    - apk add git
    - git clone --depth 1 static-site
    - cd static-site/
    - git config ''
    - git config 'koya'
    - git remote add heroku https://heroku:$$HEROKU_APPNAME.git
    - git pull heroku master
    - cp -r ../site/* public/
    - git add .
    - git commit -a -m `date +deploy_%Y%M%d_%H%m%S`
    - git push heroku master

Setting secret variables on Repository.
Settings => CI/CD => Variables

GitLab Setting


Following these steps:

  1. Create Heroku account
  2. Setup Heroku CLI ENV
  3. Create a site on Heroku
    1. heroku create
  4. Optional: If you wish to use BasicAuth, you should run theses commands.
    1. heroku config:set -a=koyawiki USER=YOUR_USER
    2. heroku config:set -a=koyawiki PASS=YOUR_PASS

On Merge Request created

Running CI
CI Console
Build Wiki


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